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Rangers Reserve

In addition to sitting back and relaxing you can also enjoy the wonderful experiences we have to offer!

Rangers Reserve is made up of 1.385h where you will experience the beauty and tranquility of the Karoo and mountain views. A wonderful tranquil place where you can sit back, forget your worries and relax. The Karoo is a truly beautiful place to experience with big skies, shooting stars and creates big hearts.

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As a nature reserve our roads are not smooth and slick. They are lumpy, rocky and sandy. We have indicated the type of vehicle we feel appropriate for each property.


Activities Team Building

We understand the importance of your team building event. It is your brief chance in the busy, hectic world of corporate and business life to bring your team together and sometimes back together, to form the drive to push towards and through...

Activities School Camps

Whatever landscape a child is exposed to early on, that will be the sort of gauze through which he or she  will see all the world afterwards. - Wallace Stegner Here at Rangers Reserve we understand the importance of children and young adults being...

Forg Knive Making
Activities Forge Knife Making Weekends

Rangers Reserve Forge occasionally provides special knife forging weekends. You can always find programmes that we are running listed here, or call to arrange a bespoke programme for yourself or a group. For further details and bookings please...

Activities Products

Knife Sales from our forge You can purchase a choice of knives direct from Rangers Reserve Forge. These are branded with TacTrac our anti-poaching training academy and all have been tried and tested in the African bush. Details of available knives...

Activities Bushcraft or Survival Weekends

Escape from the stress of the city and immerse yourself in nature on Rangers Reserve with our expert survival instructors. Whether you are a family or individual looking to enjoy a weekend of Bushcraft or a more in-depth knowledge into Survival we run...

Activities Amazing Birdlife

We all love to watch birds going about their business. From the weaver busy building its nest to please his potential 'wife', the sugar bird busy with its nectar, to the eagle soaring down to clasp its prey. They all have their special place in the eco...

Activities Walking and Running

Taking a walk in nature can be the best remedy for all your stresses and strains. Not only is walking with a loved one a wonderful tranquil experience, or walking with a group is a fantastic bonding time with space to chat, stop and wonder. It has...

Activities Mountain Bike Country

A mountain bikers dream. Rough terrain, challenging mountains, rocky and sandy flat lands. Come and enjoy as an individual, with your friends or your club. Its a great place to get the adrenalin going and some challenges under your belt. The hot,...


Conference Centre

The perfect venue for any event!!

Our beautifully designed Conference Centre can accommodate groups of up to 60 people. Why not host your next event at our Conference Centre?

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