Welcome to Rangers Reserve, home of  Peace and Tranquility


Taking a walk in nature can be the best remedy for all your stresses and strains. Not only is walking with a loved one a wonderful tranquil experience, or walking with a group is a fantastic bonding time with space to chat, stop and wonder. It has been proved that a walk in nature provides an array of physical and mental health benefits. There's a reason the saying is 'walk it off'.

On Rangers Reserve you have all the time in the world and all the space you need to walk, wonder, stop, think and just be. Watch nature happening around you. It is one of the most pleasurable activities to regenerate the soul.

And for those of you who enjoy a good challenging run to get the heart rate going, the legs moving and a fantastic 'work out' - we have hills, slopes, flat land all with our wonderful rocky Karoo environment to give you that extra drive. Perhaps you will get to run alongside a Rock rabbit, or be quiet enough to see a Riverine rabbit, maybe stop and see the buck drinking at the dam. Get to the parts of the reserve only a good full out exploratory run will get you to.

Get your walking and running shoes on and book a nice weekend to just be!


Rangers Reserve
Touwsrivier, Western Cape, 6880

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