Welcome to Rangers Reserve, home of  Peace and Tranquility


Escape from the stress of the city and immerse yourself in nature on Rangers Reserve with our expert survival instructors. Whether you are a family or individual looking to enjoy a weekend of Bushcraft or a more in-depth knowledge into Survival we run regular programmes, or are happy to accommodate your more specific needs with bespoke training. A unique outdoors experience and fun filled adventure awaits you at Rangers Reserve.

Some of the aspects you will be covering during scheduled programmes would be:

  • Preparation: What to pack in a survival kit and how to use it
  • Priorities of Survival
  • Knots
  • Shelter Building
  • Psychology of Survival
  • Safe Water
  • Fire Lighting - Including fire by friction
  • Safe Knife Handling
  • Making Cordage from Plant Material
  • Traps & Triggers
  • Introduction to Man & Animal Tracking

Why We Do What We Do

Our aim is to spread the love of nature and encourage more people, especially our youth, to responsibly spend more time outdoors and work with nature instead of against it.

All of our instructors are extensively trained and experienced in anti-poaching and on a daily basis have to rely on their bushcraft skills in the field of Rhino Protection/Conservation.

Many skills that we demonstrate and teach have been learned from the true survivalists, namely the subsistence poachers.

By doing our training you will be actively supporting our anti-poaching efforts and conservation.


For regular attendees we have created a family and an individual membership package. Joining on a membership you are able to move through the different levels of Rangers Survivalcraft obtaining your badges along the way and take advantage of great discounts.


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