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We all love to watch birds going about their business. From the weaver busy building its nest to please his potential 'wife', the sugar bird busy with its nectar, to the eagle soaring down to clasp its prey. They all have their special place in the eco system, helping to maintain sustainable population levels of their prey, after death, providing food for scavengers and decomposers, and many of them important in plant reproduction as pollinators or seed dispersers.

Whether you just love to watch them, or an avid ornithologist delighting in seeing a new species, Rangers Reserve will not disappoint. Here are some that we have spotted and would love for you to tell us more that you spot when visiting.

Black-Headed Canary, Cape Bunting, Yellow Canary, Cape Sparrow, Cape Sugarbird, Pale Winged Staling, Bokmakierie, Namaqua Dove, Speckled Pigeon, Cape Wagtail, Grey Tit, Sombre Greenbul, Verreaux's Eagle, Jackal Buzzard, Rock Kestrel, Black-Shouldered Kit, Karoo Chat, White-Backed Mousebird and Masked Weaver.

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